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As per our guidelines, you must be at least 21 years of age to browse our website and find information related to Medical marijuana or Medical marijuana centers in LV.

Born Story- When Adulting Meets Smoking.

Weegas was born out of the need to provide an informative, social, and interactive resource to the growing number of cannabis users who responsibly consume cannabis while navigating the sometimes daily savagery of the hood named Adult. Yes, we're just as upset our favorite 80s/90s shows and movies failed to properly prepare us for adulthood too (looking at you, All That). Weegas brings together The Curious-- information seekers and observers; The Bargain Pro-- checking the site daily for deals and first time visit rewards; and The Storytellers-- sharing their latest strain stories, dispensary and product reviews in one destination. Weegas is proud to present and showcase the stories, tips, advice, thoughts, and opinions of responsible cannabis users looking to connect with other like minded users and companies. Weegas also strives to project a new image of the cannabis user- the responsible working adult- obliterating previous one dimensional, inaccurate views of cannabis and its users.

How do we view cannabis?

Weegas abides by all current laws and regulations regarding cannabis use and agrees with the 21+ age limit on consumption. That being said, Weegas strongly supports the use of this magnificent plant (yes, magnificent) for ALL responsible purposes. From the much needed medicinal use to the recreational, therapeutic and creative properties, we believe there is immense value in this plant. We unequivocally support and share cannabis pioneer, Steve DeAngelo's views on the plant and the cannabis industry detailed in this great piece in Dope Magazine: http://www.dopemagazine.com/steve-deangelo-one-plant-one-people

How to use weegas.com?

Weegas connects cannabis users with local dispensaries, doctors, and companies. If you fall into the curious, bargain professional, or storytelling categories on any given day, weegas.com is your go to. Share the effects of your recently purchased flower in Strain Stories or share your thoughts on a recent vape pen release and edible product introduced. Peruse the site for expert tips on trying cannabis for the first time. Attend local events, buy your favorite club's gear or give direct feedback on a recent dispensary visit. Weegas aims to serve as a liaison between the cannabis industry and consumer to offer a practical approach to product satisfaction and development. We encourage honest and constructive dialogue between consumers and cannabis community representatives, but ask that the feedback is actionable to help grow. Weegas is not only interested in hearing your voice, but we also want to provide solutions.

About us

Weegas.com is born to assist medical marijuana users by providing them instant access to legal & ethical Cannabis dispensaries, Co-operatives and Medical doctors in or nearby Las Vegas.
Find a local or nearby Cannabis dispensary by City Names and by User Ratings. Browse the relevant products and services on our website in the simplest possible way. Sign up today and browse!

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