Wildflower to Enter Los Angeles Delivery Market

(OTC:WLDFF) (the “Company”), is excited to announce that they have received a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with one of the leading cannabis delivery technology companies in California. The MOU is the first step for Wildflower to activate delivery from the California licenses that were acquired earlier this year. Wildflower’s intends to service the western part of the Los Angeles area.

Statistics from online sources quote delivery accounting for as much as 30% of sales pre-legalization. By some estimates medical marijuana alone is a $1 billion market in the city of Los Angeles. With a population of close to 19 million residents in the Los Angeles area, this is the most dense legal cannabis market on the planet.

In anticipation of entering the lucrative delivery business, work has begun on building out a delivery logistics center within an existing LA area licensed facility. Further, Wildflower has started looking to hire a team of delivery drivers and will be bringing in a substantial inventory of new products to service this lucrative market.

William MacLean, CEO of Wildflower says, “Cannabis delivery has been the method of purchasing cannabis that many Californians are familiar with. We are going to work with one of the most experienced groups that have created a state-of-the-art platform to provide consumers with a premium customer experience. This relationship is one of the many strategies to monetize our LA area licenses. We expect to see a significant revenue stream once up and running.”

Wildflower Brands is a company headquartered in Vancouver building reputable brands and quality products that incorporate the synergistic effects of plants and their extracts.

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